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I am a Technical Writer from Bangalore, India. I author technical content such as release notes, UI texts, API documentation, and online help that are focused on enhancing user experience. I am passionate about research in the fields of adapting tech content with emerging technologies, writing for UI text, and marketing content development. 

I am a certified IBM Design Thinking Co-Creator, Agile Explorer, and Cognitive Practitioner. Influenced by Design Thinking business success, I am driven towards exploring Design Thinking for emerging technologies like AI.

Being a Writer by profession and blogger by my choice, I believe in inspiring writers and readers with my blogs. In my blogging website, I am covering vivid topics about writing trends in tech world. To name a few,

  • Future of content-Technical content and marketing content is coming together
  • Agile paced documentation
  • Agile practices
  • Design Thinking
  • User experience driven by Writers
  • Doc automation

The other side of me is, motivating my audience to live positively. My blog has lifelike writings to get you inspired to live well.

Watch out my blog page. Be Inspired about Writing world and to live your life positively!

Contact me at [email protected], www.linkedin.com/in/sadhana-s



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