Emotion of attachment

We all have attachments. We all attach to someone or something all our life, every day, every minute, every second. It just takes a moment to feel that emotion of attachment but it sometime takes a lifetime to detach from it. Having attachment is good when it is in its control, too much of attachment hurts!

Attachments can bring you down if you do not realize your limitations and boundaries. Experienced people say, “The less attached you are, the most peaceful you are in life.” Often, it is so true in life that the most attached people and things are the ones to bring you down. You never get there to the fullest of happiness from the attached people and things. At some extent, at least attached things do not disappoint you as much as humans.

If you like your car and you are attached to it, you tend to take care of it much better. In turn, the car is in good condition, lasts long, gives you happiness when you take it on drives, and flaunt it off. If you carefully observe, the scenario reflects that: ‘You invest time to enhance you, enhance your lifestyle and you are not let down”.

Let us take it to a person whom you are attached. The person might be attached but over time might not be at the same level of attachment as you do and that leaves you hurt. There are live people around us right now too and might be you and me too are victim of this attachment. 90% of the 100 times, attachment disappoints.

Emotions that human experiences

Palm showing words of emotions human feel

Life imbibes in us these emotions of attachment and never taught you and me how to keep a check on this attachment. Strange isn’t it? But this truth is what we all find hard to live with. Although we live in the world of robotic lifestyle, the emotion of attachment crawls in every person’s life at some point. It is the hardest way we learn that “Attachment is another name of disappointment and pain.” Such an irony that humans can experience only 7 emotions (Put up on Google). But I think, in our lifetime, based on a  person’s lifestyle, experiences, sensitivity, feelings, and energies, a human is capable to feel uncountable emotions.

Each person has a different emotion, emotion at different levels and only the person who experiences it can feel the depth of it, the meaning of it. Attachment is one such emotion that every person experiences at some time in life. Few people are capable of getting over attachment, few live with it, and few crave for it all their life. The sooner we all realize that “Attachments are good only over emails and not in real life”. We need to save our peace of mind from being sink in to this swirl.

Act now to live life positively

women face painted with color

Let us live by with the flow of life, as I always say “life is meaningless and empty”. Live by the flow of life, spread happiness. Do not cling to anyone or anything because the moment the universe knows that you want it badly, most of the time “You lose only what you cling to”.

“Live in the moment, live in that emotion for that moment, and pass by. Nothing can hurt you then and rather life becomes more meaningful.”

Well, I know it is not easy as said, I am also in this journey of emotion of attachment and I am keeping my baby steps to detach with it. How many of you are in this journey along with me? Be inspired to live by this beautiful life positively and detach from the emotion of attachment 🙂

Leave your comments in the reply section and will get to you. I like to hear back from you on what steps you are taking to detach from attachment. Might be that these steps help others as well in this journey of cleansing from attachment. Share your comments.

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2 thoughts on “Emotion of attachment

  • January 29, 2020 at 11:01 am

    This is very deep and inspiring 👍

    • March 22, 2020 at 1:24 pm

      Thanks Dev, stay tuned for more inspiring blogs.


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