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The page includes quotes that at times are the passing thoughts on my mind. These thoughts inspire me to keep moving ahead during hardships and also maintain a positive attitude in life. I am sharing with you all to inspire you as well to live a positive life!

sunflowers and rays of sun

– “Nourish your soul”

– “I love my dreamworld for I can make anything happen there at the pace of my choice”

-“Take baby steps everyday towards your goals, stop not. One day you would have arrived at the goal”

-“Live like you are born to achieve”

-“Live to live life, don’t slog your life”

-“Follow your passion”

-“Be fearless and courageous-you are your own companion”

-“Look within you for happiness, outside of you is nothing but only emptiness”

-“Give love and love comes back to you multiplying”

-“Smile when you fear, smile when you do not know what to say, smile no matter what, it gives you enough strength to bounce back and live well”

women face and the rain

-“Blossom the feminine in you”

-“Feminism-the language of beauty and brains”

-“Feminism is a quality and equality, it is not about gender”

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